Where to Get the Best Grass Fed Beef

Some people believe that meat is the same from any source. There is no truth in such a belief. What an animal eats determines the kind of meat it shall produce, in terms of nutrient content and overall quality. This is why grass-fed beef differs from beef gotten from cows fattened in feedlots.
Grass fed beef has way less fat in it than grain fed beef. The percentage of fat content in grain fed beef has been seen to be about three times that of grass-fed beef. This therefore assures you of a lean cut that will have less calories. You will find using it in your dieting needs to be effective. There is the wider national concern over the rate at which people are becoming obese, and grain fed beef has been seen as one of the contributing factors.
Grass fed beef also has a high omega-3 content. It contains about 6 times that of the grain-fed beef. Omega-3 fatty acids are needed in the functioning of your cells. It also benefits the heart, by reducing instances of high blood pressure, and an irregular heart. It also reduces your risk of a heart attack significantly. Omega-3 is also needed in the brain. It shall minimize the chances of you getting depression, schizophrenia, ADD, or Alzheimer’s disease. Apart from that, it minimizes the danger of you getting cancer. It can slow down the growth of cancer cells, or their spread. You will also not lose too much weight as is the norm when you have advanced cancer. Studies show that if there is enough omega-3 in your body, you will not be adversely affected by chemotherapy. You can achieve that through eating grass-fed beef. Grass fed cows are always in contact with grass. Grass and such vegetation has the omega-3 forming in the green leaves of these plants. When the cows ingest them, they shall process it and end up with most of it intact. They shall also manage to get to the specific fatty acid called LNA. Grain fed beef therefore has minimal if any amounts of LNA, when you consider the source. This is also the case with other important nutrients and mineral you will get from grass-fed beef.
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