Vital Information about Marijuana.

Marijuana is a weed with lots of health benefits and should be legalized as it is known to be safe for use. Marijuana compared to alcohol and tobacco is said to be safer and more useful as it has fewer side effects. According to research marijuana should be legalized as it has more health benefits compared to alcohol and tobacco as it has been proven to have health benefits which tend to work effectively.

legalize marijuana as it is less harmful and has no side effects like tobacco and alcohol does. From the books of experts marijuana is safe and very reliable in treating various conditions that’s why it should be legalized. If marijuana is taken responsibly then no harms will ever be experienced as this is medicine weed that has more health benefits than people know. From treating depression, also kills cancer cells and other deadly conditions marijuana needs to be legalized as its already been proved to have effective benefits for our bodies. Marijuana is said to heal hundreds of diseases in a natural way with no side effects like normal medicines do.

If at all the state can allow legalization of cannabis it’d make lots of revenues as this thing is used by many. There are millions of marijuana users in the market, now assuming all of them were taxed how much revenue will that be and view here. Since marijuana is said to be used by a bigger percentage that means more revenue would have been collected big time. People use tobacco daily and it is more harmful and we all know its effects and many have suffered due to the usage of tobacco. Legalize marijuana as it is safe and healthy compared to tobacco and alcohol.

There are many reasons why marijuana should be legal first it is all natural and second it has more health benefits and third it can boost the revenue. Tax charges would be charged to every marijuana consumer if only the state can legalize marijuana of which tend to have more consumers. Many have seen the side effects of alcohol and tobacco and the high rate of death caused by tobacco users have raised a huge alarm to many making marijuana the safe substance to use for people with that urge. Ban tobacco and legalize marijuana for it is less harmful and can increase the state’s revenue and check this page.