Overview Concerning the Immigration Bond You Should Know

A green card helps people from different countries to live in US. Conversely, you never become a US citizen through green card. There is a difference between green card and citizenship because with green car you have to keep paying a certain fee after every ten years to renew it so that you can reside in US. For you to become a citizen then you have to apply it using a certain fee which is higher than that of a green card. However, when you commit a crime, and you get arrested and detained, then you need an immigration bond to be released of which it causes your green card to be revoked. You should read more here for you to understand more about the immigration bond.

The eligibility of the immigration bond has to be known. You should determine if you are eligible for immigration bond. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement is the department which is in charge of immigration bonds which means that it can accept a bond for your release or not. If you have been denied a bond by ICE, then you can seek it in court of law where the judge would decide whether you are eligible. You can hire an immigration attorney if at all you need an immigration bond release. If you are likely to win the case concerning your arrest and you can be available for your case hearings then the judge would offer a lower immigration bond.

You need to know how and where to pay the immigration bond if at all you have been offered one for your release. The person of legal status in the US is the one to pay for your immigration bond. When making the payment the vital documents should be available. The documents required are original social security and valid photo ID. The person who is handling the payment of your immigration bond should go to the nearest ICE offices if at all the funds are available.

However, sometimes people lack enough money to pay their immigration bond. You are not limited to what you can afford because you can utilize the services of bondsman agent for your release immigration bond. Hence, if you can find these services, then you can use their services for an immigration bond payment.

When the bond is paid then the detaininig facility would be authorized to release you by the ICE. The process for your release from the detention facility would take around an hour for you to be out of bars and you can be picked out. You should read this page if you want more info concerning the immigration bond.