Since the transformer is a very important and essential device for an industry, therefore, they have to maintain it properly to ensure its smooth and hassle-free working. If you want your device to work at its full-efficiency, you need to maintain it with the time and here are some useful tips for the greenhorn. So, what are you waiting for? Here are the different parts of the transformer that needs maintenance time to time for delivering the unexpected results. Let’s get started.

  • Oil: Transformer oil plays a vital role in the smooth working of the device and in an order to ensure the fitness of the device; you need to replace the oil with the new one. You need to check them at very short intervals and if any contamination is present, so it should get replaced.
  • Bushings: Examination of the bushing for the cracks is compulsory to avoid any serious damage. This test should be done under the expert surveillance to prevent any risky situation. You need to repair if any crack found on the bushings to keep the device secure.
  • External Or Internal Connections: All connections of the transformer should be tight and unbreakable to prevent a deadly situation from arising. Make sure you invest some money and hire a professional to prevent a big loss in the future. Proper connection is not only important for the safety, but also for the smooth working of the device, so, you shouldn’t take it for granted.
  • Gaskets: Gaskets in the transformer get shrink during the servicing of the device, therefore, it is more than just compulsory to check its tightness or rigidity in their joints. You have to tighten them if any fault found to prevent the situation of leakage that can be perilous for the plant, personnel or property.
  • Temperature Indicator: At the time of maintenance of the transformer, you need to check the instrument that gives you the indication of the change in the temperature level. The proper indication is important and so is its instrument, thus, you need to keep it secure and clean timely to ensure its proper working.

These are a few useful tips that make it easier for you to maintain your transformer to prevent any failure or breakdown of the device. Playing with such heavy-duty appliance is not a good deal, so, you should hire a professional that makes the work easier for you and give you assurance about its smooth and safe performance.