It took some while for me to figure out where the money had gone, apparently our old friend Jim has gotten himself something that they call the Las Vegas GFE. I did not know what that meant before the investigation, but this is a thing that they call the girlfriend experience. I would suspect that he did not get the best girlfriend that money can buy, but she must have been in the discussion. I actually figured out who she was. She seems to be quite the entrepreneur. Out of curiosity I rang the door bell to get a good look at her, but that may not have been the smartest move I ever made. She had herself a very nice place with a wall and a huge gate. There was a guy there, a big one with a bulge in his waistband under his shirt. He did not seem to like uninvited visitors and wanted to know if I was in law enforcement. Eventually she came out and sent him back to his tire swing.

You would have thought that she were some sort of heiress. I would guess that she was either born with country club money or that she had been around those who were, studying the whole thing. She remembered Jim and his expense account, but made it plain that there were no refunds and that she had a very nasty lawyer. Then she offered me iced tea and scones out by her pool. I think she enjoyed teasing me, when she came out she was wearing a very expensive bikini. It was never designed to go in the water and of course she was wearing an enormous emerald pendant that nestled between her breasts. She seemed to be trying to figure out if I was going to try to recover the money.