Becoming a Good Father

A lot of kids today are suffering from a devastated life. Other children have vices, while some may have depression and tried to kill themselves. Even when it is sometimes difficult to point out the cause of these, a great factor is hen their fathers don’t do what a father must do.

According to the Christian Holy Book, the father is the foundation of a house. Although the parts of your home are greatly and beautifully built, once the foundation is weak, then everything can be put into ruins. Therefore, in a family, an emotionally or spiritually weak father could endanger the life of his family.

Yet, of course, the Bible constantly tackles on the evidence of gods existence and how He loves humanity. Because of this, every family can hope that everything will be alright soon because there is a kind-hearted God.
Let us try to get some inspiration on how a father can be a strong foundation in the light of Noah’s story. Read now and find out more!

In Brief: Noah

Noah was told by God to build an ark for a great flood as coming to destroy the life on earth. Noah then relayed to the message to all the living humans but instead of believing him, he was mocked and called insane. Flash forward, he was able to save his family who believes him along with the animals as God instructed. So how did Noah able to do this despite the mockery? How did lived up to become the father that he should be? Be enlightened with the insights below:

1. Noah had intimate relationship with God

Great fathers always have an intimate relationship with God. Many instances that fathers are clueless on things that should be done but only when establishing a strong relationship with God could clear things up as he’ll be able to hear God’s instructions just like Noah.

2. Noah Listened and Obeyed.

The fact that Noah had a true relationship with God, He can always hear God’s instructions. Even better, he took the necessary steps by faith!

Future Insights

Because of faith, Noah did not just give importance to the present but to the future as well. Knowing that God is with him, he was willing to build an ark no matter how difficult it is and saved his entire family members.

Fatherhood is a calling. Apart from the joy that your kids and family brings, you’ll find strength in believing to the evidence of gods existence. Valuable contents appear on the internet giving you Godly advises on how to be a good father in a Christian way. Furthermore, you may also find answers to some of the other problems you are facing on this site too. Google the site and find out more!